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The picture of the Ben Franklin in the Thames River was taken on January 18,1977. The Franklin was coming up the river to the Sub Base from Rota for a MK48 exercise shot load out to conduct the MK 48 certification. We left New London the 25 or 26th of January. The people topside are members of the Seaman Gang and the C.O.B. getting ready to rig topside and fly the homecoming pennant. Yes it was COLD, topside was a skating rink. While running on the surface coming in the OD and Lookout was changed every 30 minutes, and the Laundry Queen was busy drying foul weather gear for the watch standers. The picture was taken by a newspaper photographer.
Chuck Timmons FTG3/SS
USS Benjamin Franklin 1975-1978






Q1: It looks like this picture was taken in the dead of winter. Is that correct?

A1 - Yes, it was winter. While I was assigned to the Benny, there were only two times that The Boat pulled into SubBase New London. The first time was in Febuary 1977.
They pulled in, Bill Keith from Philadelphia and David Safewright from North Carolina reported onboard, and when it pulled out the Thames River again I was on my way
for my first Patrol. The next time was sometime around Christmas in 1978. I don't remember for sure which time this was, but I think it was 1978.


Q2: Who took the picture? And where were they when they took it?

A2 - I don't know who took the picture. It would have to have been either
(A) a crew member that was, for some reason, not making that patrol but was
coming back next patrol, or (B) a family member watching their loved one go
to sea. --- I got the picture "through the grapevine" after we returned. ---
The picture was taken from the Groton side of the Thames River, looking
across the river to New London.


Q3: Were you coming in from a cruise, or heading out on one?

A3 - We were heading out the Thames River... to Long Island Sound... beyond
the 12 mile limit... to dive and begin Patrol.


Q4: Are you one of those seen standing near the aft, shivering their butts

A4 - They are shivering, but I am not one of them. I would have been in the
belly of the beast, in the Control Room below the conning tower. If this was
1978 I would have been manning the sound powered phones as AEF (Auxilllary
Electrician Forward). If this was 1977, I would have been standing there in
the Control Room with my heart pounding, with people that I had known about
an hour, thinking "Oh my God, this is it !"


Q5: What's the monument in the background ?

A4 - Fort Griswold, New London, CT.