The BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ASSOCIATION Executive Committee held its fourth quarterly and
first annual meeting open to the membership on Sunday October 5, 2003 at the Groton Motor Inn, Groton, CT.  The meeting agenda focused on the upcoming 2004 reunion, the establishment of a 2004 reunion committee and establishment of a nominating committee for the election of Association Officers at the upcoming reunion.  Association Officers present were Jack Hogan, President, Tim “Bear” Quinn, Vice President, Jimmy “Prince” Albert, Secretary, Allen “Len” Exelby, Treasurer and Warren Boner Brann, Member-At-Large.  Association members present were Charlie Emerson and Tom Waddington.

Any Association member desiring a copy of the minutes of the meeting can obtain them by contacting the Association Secretary, Jimmy “Prince” Albert.

The next reunion will be held at the Groton Inn & Suites on 9-12 September 2004, just prior to the USSVI National Convention in
Saratoga Springs, NY (3 hours from Groton) on 15-19 September 2004.  The menu and food prices will be the same as in 2002.  This reunion will include music for the listening and dancing pleasure of those attending the banquet along with a single keynote speaker.  We hope to have another tour of Submarine School that was so successful last reunion.  The committee is investigating the possibility of a tour of an in-port SSN, security conditions permitting.  We again will offer a golf tournament on Friday and new for this reunion will be a catered sailing cruise out of Mystic aboard the schooner Argia on Saturday morning.  Others will be able to tour a Juliet Class Russian submarine in Providence and/or go to Battleship Cove in Fall River if they so choose.  Full details of the reunion will published in the next newsletter.

The location of the 2007 reunion will be decided by the incoming slate of Association Officers elected at the 2004 reunion member meeting.  It is time to think about stepping up to the plate and becoming an active Association member.  All Executive Committee positions are open for willing participants.  If you would like to become an Association Officer,
your current Executive Committee urges you to contact Tim “Bear” Quinn, our current Vice President and chairman of the nominating committee.  If you are not interested in becoming part of the Executive committee but would like to help decide where/when the 2007 reunion will be, we are also interested in forming a Reunion 2007 committee that will take charge of putting together that reunion.  If the membership wants the reunion in a particular location then we need volunteers from that location to help put it together.  The driving force as to the location will be the members that step forward to help put it together. 

If you would like to become a part of the Reunion 200
4 Committee, please contact Jack Hogan as soon as you can.