(SSBN 640)



Membership Application

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As a former submariner who served aboard the nuclear powered US Navy submarine USS Benjamin Franklin SSBN 640 or a family member of a former SSBN 640 submariner, the Executive Committee of this Association hereby extends to you an invitation to apply for membership in the USS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN640) Association. 

 The following membership options are available to you: 

·        Regular Member:       _______    $20.00 per year (due annually by January 1st)

·        Lifetime Regular Member:      _______    $150.00  (One-time Membership Fee) 

Please make your check payable to:              USS Benjamin Franklin Association 

Mail application with check to:             Allen “Lenny” Exelby, Membership Chairman

                                                            110 Meriden Drive

                                                            Newark, DE 19711


Any Questions? Call Len at (856) 816-5672 or

E-mail him at




Full Name:                                                                                              Highest Rank & Position on the Franklin:                                               

Other family members to be included in this membership:                                                                                                                         

Dates served aboard the Franklin:  From: __________   To: __________   Your Date of Birth:  _________________   

Crew  (check all that apply):   

(    ) Blue           (    ) Gold           (    ) Commissioning           (    ) Inactivation         (    ) Conversion/Refit 

Note:  If you served on more than one crew during your tenure aboard the Franklin, please indicate here the years you served on each: 

(Blue): _______________________  (Gold): ________________________  (Other): _____________________________          

Mailing Address:                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Phone No:                                                               E-mail address:                                                                                                                  

Date Submitted:                                     Membership Number (to be assigned):